Skin Karma Cleanser

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Skin Karma Cleanser is a creamy cleanser for all skin types that cleanses and restores skin hydration. Its gentle non-congestive formula removes environmental contaminants, impurities and makeup without drying the skin or causing irritation. Skin Karma Cleanser maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier and leaves skin feeling comfortable, clean and hydrated

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  • Rinse-off creamy cleanser
    Leaves skin hydrated and comfortable
    Removes makeup and impurities
    Won’t clog pores
    Excellent for dry, sensitive skins
    Paraben free


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great cleanser for sensitive skin!

I was recommended the Skin Karma Cleanser when my skin was going through some weird redness and irritation, this was so gentle and seemed to really help. My beautician also gave me a sample of the Skin Karma Moisturiser to use as well and this combo worked wonders with whatever my skin was going through. I now use this in the mornings, and the Skin Renew Cleanser at night.

Good product, lousy packaging

This is my second time ordering the skin karma cleanser and I love the product,it makes my skin feel great. However, twice now the pump has stopped working after a few uses and I have to take it apart to get the cleanser out.

Hi Amanda We'll pop a new pump in the post to you.
skin karma cleanser

fantastic product - perfect formulation for me - skin does not feel tight afterwards - i like using it with a soft kojac sponge to thoroughly remove sunscreen and make up. i also bought the skin karma moisturiser - it is nice when initially applied on the skin - but skin does not feel hydrated afterwards - i like my skin to feel moist and spongy - maybe i should mix the moisturiser with the mask

Hi Niesha, glad you are enjoying your cleanser. With your moisturiser are you applying whilst your skin is still damp from your toner? However if you feel that you are still needing something a bit extra we would suggest adding a serum to your routine, in this case our Absolute B Serum which Intensely hydrates and is perfect to layer with your moisturiser.

Has revived my skin and reduced blemishes


Skin Karma Cleanser

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